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Video Production Company

What are Infomercial Companies?

Infomercial companies specialize in the creation of tv commercials, introducing the concept of branding of a given product, and handling its production and media placement.

TVA Media Group is a full service DRTV agency and video production company with a proven commitment to high quality, high reach video content for everyone from Fortune 500s to non-profit organizations to government agencies around the globe. Our marketing video production team can handle every aspect of your media project, including scriptwriting, casting, locations, filming, editing, media buying and PR. We’ll help you target your content directly to the people you want to engage with it, with custom content optimized for your desired demographicand their interests.
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As a multimedia production company, our focus is on diversified media that spreads your brand’s message in your own unique voice. To help you maximize your production budget, we offer access to a range of professional studios and sets, so you know you can find a video production studio that fits your location and your needs. Here are just some of the video production services you’ll find at TVA Media Group:

TV infomercials: Expertly crafted and commercially focused to drive viewers to a specific action. We’re one of the oldest and most successful top 10 infomercial companies in the nation, with a track record of award-winning infomercials that don’t cut corners on talent, storyline, or script.

Documercials: Forget traditional advertising! Present your information in an editorial news format that’s proven to be more effective at connecting with viewers. We’re documercial pioneers, and have been perfecting the format since 1986. A “Documercial” is a 28:30 or 5 minute sponsored program that uses production/creative techniques derived from the traditional documentary or newsmagazine form. These may include: on-camera spokesperson, live or taped interviews, multiple location shooting; voice over narrator, real people features. This format, like “Nightline News,” HBO’s “First Look,” “60 Minutes” or “Dateline,” is based on actuality, i.e. no fictional elements are presented unless denoted as “dramatizations.”

TV commercials: Put a modern spin on a classic medium. TVA Media Group goes above and beyond other TV commercial companies, with commercials that don’t just sell products, but also amplify your band’s identity and objectives. We produce (from script to screen, dubs to distribution) national broadcast quality :30, :60 or 120 second Direct Response TV Commercials designed to sell your product line by means of direct response by the customer. Get in touch to learn about our additional video production services, including sponsored NewsBreaks™, electronic press kits, promo videos, video news releases (VNRs), movie trailers, and more, and find out how you can boost your reach, engagement, and sales performance with superior video content that fits your brandand your budget.
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TVA turns vision into visuals, image into income.

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