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TV Production

Ever since the first TV production ad appeared in July of 1941, advertisers have been harnessing the power of television to reach, connect, and engage with audiences around the world. Today, TV production is an art unlike any other, and TVA Media Group is proud to be pioneering innovative, custom content that is as entertaining as it is effective. As a direct marketing agency, our focus is on TV ads that are tailored to appeal to your desired consumer base, with massive media exposure at a fraction of the cost the other guys want to charge you.
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TV ads and TV commercial production companies have remained in high demand for one simple reason: they work. As the world goes digital, traditional advertising platforms like linear TV have continued to generate large amounts of buzz and proven sales efficiency. With 92.5% of the nation’s population regularly tuning into their television sets, the $71.29 billion spent on TV ads every year continues to pay off in big ways for businesses of all types. Video is video, after all.

TVA Media Group is one the country’s oldest and most successful TV production companies, producing ads for a wide range of brands, including Jenny Craig, Aquasana, StreetStrider, and Last Minute Travel Club. We’re eight time Emmy and Telly award winners who never stop trying to do more and do better for our clients. Our TV commercial production services are designed to increase brand awareness and bring you big returns on investment, with an eye on boosting reach, performance, and profits.

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Looking for a fully comprehensive TV commercial production media assault? Inquire about our MEDIAblitz! service, a 6-9 month media takeover which optimizes national broadcast, cable, satellite, print, radio, digital, social, internet, and PR to get your campaign in front of millions of people within your consumer base. Or, ask about our a la carte services and pick and choose the campaign features that offer maximum ROI for your business. Services include newspaper media, in-flight television, celebrity bookings, video production and post production, and media buying.

We know you only want to work with the best. We’re honored to be recognized among the top DRTV agencies and production houses, and we know that we can do big things for your brand. Learn more about our TV ad production services and how you can get the most out of your TV spending with ads tailored to connect with the people who are looking for exactly the product or service that you are selling.

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