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TVA is making history by selling THE HIGHEST TICKET ITEMS ever sold via DRTV

(OneFlight’s 1st year membership is $65,000)

“YTD Revenues have increased by 40%.
TVA’s DRTV campaign is the only marketing we are doing currently.” Ferren Rajput, CEO

“We are pleased with positive trends observed – over the life of the campaign, the count of users signing up each week has climbed while the cost of generating those users has become more efficient. We can attribute this to several factors:

Momentum is building week over week as we capture more viewers and repeat views
Optimizations have been made to eliminate the weakest stations and capitalize on the strongest
Last but not least, a strong creative that has been resonating with the audience and enticing action

Client increased its monthly ad spend by 66% based on results to date and has just hired

  • Client Oneflight
  • Date February 22, 2019
  • Tags Case Studies & References, Direct Response, LeadGen, Technology, Travel

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