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TVA Productions did my DotComGuy TV commercial. They do excellent “Hollywood-quality” work—and they just happen to be in “Hollywood.” I’ve had people tell me that our commercial is “super bowl quality”, not some cheeseball commercial that you see all the time, I think that’s about the highest compliment you can get. Jeffrey’s company can also place the TV spots for you at some highly discounted rates. They are running several national spots for us next month.

Was our campaign successful for you?   Yes

Why did you choose TVA?  Price was good and production team seemed very capable.

How would you rate us compared with other companies you’ve used in the  past?

  • Significantly worse
  • Worse
  • About  the same
  • Better
  • Significantly better    Significantly  better.

Overall, how would you rate  our overall performance? Scale 1-10  (10 being the best)   I think a  nine.
Overall, how would you rate the  performance of our producer? Scale 1-10  (10 being the best)   nine to  ten.
Overall, how would you rate the  performance of our editor? Scale 1-10  (10 being the best)   nine to  ten
Overall, how would you rate the  performance of our facilities and equipment used? Scale 1-10  (10 being  the best)   nine
Overall, how would  you rate the performance of our customer service?    nine
How well were the objectives of the  project met?   Yes
Rate the audience  response to the final product.    Favorable.
What did you like most about  working with us?    Got the job  done.
What did you like least about working  with us?   ??
Would you consider  hiring us again?   Yes

  • Client DotComGuy
  • Date October 10, 2015
  • Tags B2B, Case Studies & References, Direct Response, Franchises, Internet, Technology
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