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Brand Response TV Spot

Ajinomoto is a Japan-based food and biotechnology corporation which produces seasonings, cooking oils, frozen foods, beverage, sweeteners, amino acids, and pharmaceuticals. Ajinomoto operates in 35 countries and employs an estimated 32,734 people. Its yearly revenue in 2018 was $10.2 billion.

CLIENT EVALUATION received on 9/6/19

Scale 1-10  (10 being the best)
How would you rate us compared with other companies you’ve used in the past? Significantly  better.
Overall, how would you rate our overall performance? 10
Overall, how would you rate the performance of our creative production teams? 10 Overall, how would you rate the performance of our facilities and equipment used? 10
Overall, how would you rate the performance of our media buyers? 9
How well were the objectives of the project met? 100% from the Target
Rate the audience response to the productions: 10
What did you like most about working with us? The CEO is very talented person and his internal team is also skillful.
Would you consider hiring us again? Definitely Yes
Would you recommend us to others? Yes
Additional comments: Looking forward to work with you again

  • Client Ajinomoto
  • Date September 9, 2019
  • Tags Consumer, Direct Response, Health & Beauty, Supplements

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