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“TV is still BY FAR the most effective advertising medium.” – ADWEEK, June 2018

TV advertising in 1956 Year

We don’t think you should have to figure out how to put all the pieces of your DRTV campaign together on your own. That’s why our flat fee campaign packages provide everything you’re looking for from a proven full-service DRTV agency.

From script to screen, we create and manage your entire marketing campaign for 1/3 of  industry rates, and we offer the strongest performance guarantees in the industry. We provide all creative and production services. Even the cost of your air time is included!

Media buying

MEDIAblitZ!® is the most cost-effective way to get your product or service in front of millions of potential customers, build national brand awareness and generate a massive amount of sales revenue.

Here’s What’s Included:

commercial production television


Turnkey Production Includes:

  • Infomercial or Documercial (28:30 and/or 5:00) OPTIONAL
  • 3 Short Form DRTV spots (:120, :60, :30)
  • Scripting
  • Casting
  • On-Camera Talent
  • Shooting on multiple locations and/or HD Sound Stage/Set in Hollywood, CA
  • Post Production (editing, graphics, voiceover, music…)


25,000+ TV AIRINGS

Your productions will air over 120 times in all 210 Nielsen-ranked cities across the U.S. on pre-approved national and local cable, satellite, and broadcast channels, reaching over 110 million households. GUARANTEED

media blitz
direct response marketing agency

Digital Video Distribution

100,000+ Real & Engaged Views – GUARANTEED


Digital Marketing

SEO, PPC and Retargeting Campaigns (optional)

Website Landing Page

Website Landing Page

Responsive – works on  all platforms –desktop, tablet, mobile

Designed to convert leads into sales

Social Media Placement

Social Media

3,500+ Social Media Engagements (clicks, likes, shares, etc.) on top social media services like Facebook and Twitter. GUARANTEED


In-Flight Programming

Major airlines or CNN Airport. GUARANTEED

television advertising

TV/Radio Talk-Show Appearances

12+ appearances on popular shows. GUARANTEED

Print and Online News placements

Print Features

2,300+ Print and Online News Feature placements. GUARANTEED

Radio Placements

Radio Placements

600+ Feature Placements on Radio Stations nationwide. GUARANTEED

A MEDIAblitZ!® campaign is a proprietary ‘script to screen’ solution that provides our clients with the lowest risk, most cost-effective way to get their product or service in front of millions of potential customers. This flat fee campaign package combines the targetability and trackability of DR with the credibility of PR — giving clients the best of both worlds.

We create long, mid and short form content, then distribute it to over 20,000 paid and earned media outlets including national cable and satellite networks, local broadcast, airlines, news and talk shows, magazines & newspapers, social media, digital video distribution and more – all with a single goal in mind: GENERATE SALES while building the brand!

It is a full-on, comprehensive marketing package designed to maximize your television advertising campaign through a wide variety of channels, including top cable and broadcast channels, digital video distribution, social media, in-flight programming, media buying, and more.

In addition, you get access to our complete media buying capabilities, which means your message gets shared across print and radio platforms as well. During the entire campaign, you get fully personalized attention from our direct response marketing agency and all the support you need to put your media plan into action and get your sales and profits climbing. From commercial production, television advertising, and social outreach to talk-show and radio appearances, we’ll use everything we’ve learned from more than 30+ years of success in direct response marketing to design, direct, and display high-quality broadcast, digital and print advertising optimized for audience engagement and response. And unlike other commercial production companies, we’re not happy unless you are.

In addition to its cost effectiveness, our MEDIAblitZ!® package comes with nine of the strongest SHARED risk guarantees in our industry. Get in touch today to learn more about our MEDIAblitZ!® package and how TVA Media Group can help you better connect with the consumers that matter.

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