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Media Planning Agency

TVA media group offers media planning services to maximize your results

Media Planning Philosophy

  • Plan in advance to anticipate various scenarios that could impact campaign performance
  • Develop strategies to address those scenarios
  • Continually update planning based on trends, results and changes in the media and product landscape

TVA buys to maximize results

  • We do this by maintaining excellent relationships with our media vendors, negotiating the best rates and placement and staying on the front curve of industry trends. We are proud to have a team of the most talented and experienced buyers in the industry
  • Our buyers have an average of 10 years of DR media buying and planning experience
  • TVA will save you money by managing your media more effectively than other media buying firms
  • This can be accomplished through research and analysis that allows us to optimize your media buys
  • We also buy more creatively than many other agencies and frequently come up with innovative ideas that allow our clients to take their business to the next level
  • For example, we received DRTV upfront deals for one of our clients, which included “product” exclusivity within the purchased programs. As a result of our forward thinking, our client was able to stay a step ahead of its competitors
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