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Level III Value Calculator

Level III Value Calculator

How to calculate Total Value:

In the fields below, insert what you think it would cost to produce, place, monitor and report all of the elements in your Level III Media Package.

(The results of your total vs. what we actually charge should be a pleasant surprise)

Total Audience Impressions
22 million
1 million
18 million
Total Audience

Step 1

Estimate Production Costs

Insert your estimated costs for turn-key production for the following:
*5-minute infomercial
*120-second DRTV commercial
*60-second DRTV commercial (lift from the :120)
*30-second DRTV commercial (lift from the :120)

Concept Development / Creative Strategy

Scripting for all four productions



Camera / Lighting / Audio Crew/equipment/staff


Location scouting, fees and permits or HD Studio



On-camera Talent/Agency Fee

Art Direction/Stylist

Set Design / Props

Editing with Motion Graphics



Stock Footage

Production Fee & Project Management

Digital versions of your productions for website, landing pages, Social Media and VOD

Step 2

Estimate Broadcast Media Costs

Insert a very conservative estimate of what you think it costs to air 5-minute, 120-second and :60 DRTV spots on a major cable network in a top 210 Nielsen-ranked market anywhere in the U.S., airing sometime between 6 am and midnight:

Press  to multiply your estimated cost by 15,000*

*the minimum number of guaranteed local airings in your Level III package

* =

New Total  

Step 3

Estimate Media Costs for Airlines and Internet

In-flight airings onboard a major airline or on CNN Airport

TOP STORY placement for three months on the home page of one or more of TVA’s news portals such as Business World News or Health World News

Step 4

Estimate Monitoring & Reporting Costs

Monitoring and research to provide you with 3rd party usage reports showing DMA, Station, Network Affiliate, City, State, Date and Time of airings, Audience, etc. verifying the guaranteed number of placements.

Step 5

Find out the Results of your Calculations

Click on “Final Total” to total your estimates for production, distribution, media placements, publicity, promotion and monitoring in your LEVEL III campaign package.

Broadcast Media: + Other Costs:
Grand Total :

Step 6

Find out the Results of our Calculations

Click here to see our calculations of the total value of your LEVEL III campaign package based on STAR (Strategic Tracking, Analysis and Research) reports using data from reliable sources such as AICP, Nielsen SIGMA Service, Nielsen Media Research, Arbitron, Spot Quotation and Data, Inc. (SQAD), Standard Rate & Data Service (SRDS) and Bacon’s Information, Inc.

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