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Jack Scanlan

National Publicity

Jack Scanlan brings to TVA over 25 years of entertainment marketing experience and corporate management including extensive experience at major Hollywood studios.

He was trained in motion picture marketing at Columbia Pictures Studios where he was on the staff of the National Publicity Department as a Studio Field Representative.  In this capacity, over the years, he lived and worked in the Columbia Pictures Branch Offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, and San Francisco for the Pacific Northwest Territory with liaison duties with film critics, media editors, theater owners and staff, local businesses and corporate movie promotion partners.

Specializing in FEATURE FILM THEATRICAL DISTRIBUTION, National Publicity Agency coordination, local Publicity implementation and Media Relations, Corporate Movie Promotions, Product Placement and Film-property licensing, he has directed scores of films through domestic theatrical marketing campaigns, negotiated written contracts and created more than twenty corporate movie promotions.

As National Publicity and Promotion Director at Menahem Golan’s CANNON FILMS., he organized the National Publicity and Promotion staff, wrote all the job descriptions, hired 24 local and regional motion picture advertising agencies with in-house publicists, across the country.  He was Marketing Vice President at Twenty-first Century Films, with project-executive positions at Orion Pictures, Filmways Pictures, Universal Pictures and MGM Studios where he undertook special projects in all facets of motion picture marketing.

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