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Ethan Goddard

Associate Producer

Ethan has worked on numerous productions for TVA over the past 6 years. Growing up surrounded by studios and captivated by the entertainment industry, Ethan brings both passion and experience to TVA having contributed to a variety of successful DRTV productions.

Ethan also worked for the world’s largest fitness educator, AFAA. Roles included personal assistant to the Director of Operations, stage manager and also managing their privately owned production studio. Ethan is a student, writer and actor attending Brigham Young University as a business management and entrepreneurship major, eager to continue working for TVA while pursuing business ventures of his own such as creating a non-profit organization based off the legacy of his grandfather, John Goddard.

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his large family of 9, meeting new people, developing talents to be a jack-of-all-trades, reading novels, teaching in Sunday school at church, and volunteering in service projects in the community.

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