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Direct Response Marketing Articles

SPYR Technologies Expands Marketing Initiatives to Aggressively Accelerate Sales Growth for its MagixDrive Wireless CarPlay Devices

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO / ACCESSWIRE / August 3, 2021 / SPYR, Inc. dba SPYR Technologies (OTCQB:SPYR), a technology company that through its subsidiary, Applied Magix, Inc.,.. Read More →

Top Infomercial Companies to Scale Your Business

Top Infomercial Companies The content from top infomercial companies will tell a story while encouraging consumers to act. An infomercial is basically a commercial that.. Read More →

How Does TV Advertising Work?

How Does TV Advertising Work? Basics Of TV Commercial Ads Small businesses can earn a fair return on investment when creating a television advertisement. They.. Read More →

Advantages of TV Advertising in Your Marketing Strategy

Some firms are concerned about developing and promoting television ads as part of their campaign. Technology has elevated media from old-fashioned rabbit ear devices, with.. Read More →

How are TV Commercials Made?

Television commercials have become ubiquitous. Even with changing technology, they are still a viable form of advertising. Yet not many people consider how TV commercials.. Read More →

The Economics of Infomercials

Nothing good is on TV between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m., and for good reason. Nobody’s trying. It’s the time period known euphemistically in the.. Read More →

The Halo Effect: TV as a Growth Engine

Why Brands are Accelerating their Path to TV, in partnership with Effectv Upending the Playbook: Why Brands are Accelerating their Path to TV How can.. Read More →

Deciphering Direct-to-Consumer

An Insider’s Guide to America’s Fastest Growing Brands While the world’s biggest marketers are all searching for growth, a new growth sector within the American.. Read More →

2021 Advertising Shows Strong Optimism

2020 was a difficult year for virtually every industry, including traditional advertising. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel as we begin.. Read More →

How Are DTC Brands Not Only Surviving But Thriving During This Challenging Year

DTCs are Thriving in the Era of Cross-Screen TV Advertising Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands were in the spotlight long before COVID-19. These data-driven digital natives initially.. Read More →

Pandemic Speeds Americans’ Embrace of Digital Commerce

Consumers try new ways to get health care, buy vehicles, eat and work out as the pandemic shakes up habits An REI worker loaded purchases.. Read More →

Different Types of Direct Response Marketing Strategies That Drive Action & Boost Sales

Direct response has become more popular as companies experience the outcome of leveraging a multi-faceted marketing strategy that delivers results. It offers businesses numerous advantages.. Read More →

The Role of Infomercial Production Companies For DRTV

For decades of proven strategies, marketers seek out the services of media advertising companies when they start up a new company. Even large, established businesses.. Read More →

DRTV – Current Market Conditions for Advertisers During COVID

Current MarketOpportunities D2C business models work best in this market Viewership and retention numbers are at an all time high Advertising costs drop making it.. Read More →

Here Are the Fastest Growing Categories and Highest Selling Products Right Now

With all the change that’s gone on in the last two months, it’s been hard to know what products are worth selling and what products.. Read More →

eCommerce Growth Report: Top 10 Product Categories during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted every aspect of daily life, including how people shop and what they are shopping for. This period of isolation.. Read More →

CTV and OTT Advertising: High Impact on Direct-Response Marketing

Direct Response TV (DRTV) advertising is a type of direct-response marketing that aims to elicit an immediate response from the intended audience. It is one.. Read More →

The Average Running Length of Effective TV Commercials

TV advertising revolves mainly on commercials produced according to time-frames that suit the demands of a particular brand, product, or service. Apparently, there’s an ideal.. Read More →

Media Buying: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Perfectly strategized commercials shouldn’t stay hidden on the sidelines. Advertisers intend for the targeted audience to see and experience the impact of the campaigns. One.. Read More →

The Two Major Forms of Direct-Response Television (DRTV) Marketing

DRTV is a form of direct response marketing that utilizes television as a medium to target audiences and build customer relationships. Performing the right market.. Read More →

Direct Response TV Ad: Sales-Driven Techniques For Entrepreneurs

Direct response television (DRTV) is the most effective strategy for product advertising. It creates a connection between the product presentation in the form of TV.. Read More →

How To Calculate ROI in Direct Response TV Advertising

Calculating the ROI of direct-response television (DRTV) advertising is a serious concern for entrepreneurs. This is a marketing investment that has been continuously challenged by.. Read More →

Why TV Commercials Still Dominate The Advertising Industry

Many people can’t believe how TV remains the most effective medium in the advertising industry. Ever since it was established in the 1950s, it has.. Read More →

The Costs of Producing Commercials: TV, Radio, & Social Media

Various advertising mediums allow entrepreneurs to expand their reach in the audience and position the right marketing strategies to promote their brand, sell their products,.. Read More →

How To Create An Effective Infomercial That Your Audience Will Watch

The fastest way to convert your audience into buyers is through direct response television (DRTV) advertising, more commonly known as infomercials. Some of the largest.. Read More →

Direct Response Television Advertising: A Closer Look at Infomercials and Social Media

We all encounter direct response marketing schemes daily without even realizing what they are precisely, and what they’re making us do. Direct response advertising is.. Read More →

Infomercials Vs Commercials – What is the Difference?

There are several misconceptions running around the truth about the differences between infomercials vs commercials. It’s not uncommon for people who are unfamiliar with the.. Read More →

Weighing The Pros and Cons of Infomercials and How Much They Cost

Is it wise to invest in infomercials knowing how much they can cost even when you’re advertising during the fringe (late night) hours? For most.. Read More →


Dowmecia Edgerton OTT, or “Over The Top” programming is the latest wave in evolving consumer TV viewing habits, which presents dramatic new opportunities for DRTV.. Read More →

The State Of OTT Advertising In 2020: Strong And Gaining Momentum

To say that OTT is on the rise in 2020 may be a bit of an understatement. As more viewers cut the cord in favor.. Read More →

Executive Insights: TV Advertising a Month Into Quarantine

Just over 30 days into widespread shelter-in-place restrictions and a TV industry without live sports, already new TV advertising and viewership paradigms are emerging. Over.. Read More →

COVID-19 Ad Category Tracker

As COVID-19 continues to make its impact across the globe, Kantar is tracking how key advertising categories are responding to the virus with a YoY.. Read More →

TV Insights in the Age of COVID-19: March 2020

COVID-19 is uncharted territory and advertisers are trying to navigate this “new normal.” Naturally, ad spend and performance have been under the microscope. See how.. Read More →

Why P&G is bringing back the infomercial

The brashness of the badly scripted 1990s infomercial eventually led the majority of advertisers to consign the medium to the realm of parody. But Procter.. Read More →

It’s Time To Expand Our Definition Of Direct-To-Consumer

“Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by.. Read More →

DTC brands boost TV spending to $3.8B as they reach beyond social media

Dive Brief: Direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketers boosted TV media spending by 60% to $3.8 billion in 2018 from a year earlier as they pursued broader growth.. Read More →

VAB TV Commercial, ‘Touch of Modern’

VAB TV Commercial, ‘Touch of Modern’.. Read More →

DesignRush Announces The Top 24 Video Production Companies Of 2019

United States – 06-04-2019 — Upwards of 85 percent of United States internet users regularly watch video content on at least one of their devices.. Read More →

D-to-C brands add $1.4 billion to TV marketplace

In total, 125 d-to-c brands spent 60 percent more on TV commercials in 2018 than in the year prior, according to VAB Direct-to-consumer brands have.. Read More →

ABC Study Makes the Best Case Yet That TV Advertising Is Still Superior to Digital

Network unveils findings during upfront What’s the future of digital advertising? Find out from featured speakers including Sir Martin Sorrell of S4 Capital and Linda Boff.. Read More →

Building a Huge Brand Doesn’t Happen Overnight, But You Should Still Try

Dwayne Wade is a basketball legend, and Budweiser just cashed in. Bigtime. If you don’t know who he is, Dwayne Wade was one of the.. Read More →

TV advertising is more effective than ever

TV is rocket fuel for brands. It is irreplaceable and nothing waiting in the wings that can do what TV does. Whether in the short.. Read More →

Here’s why TV is still the most powerful ad medium

As the media landscape has fragmented with the emergence of new advertising mediums, the television has had to radically evolve over the past two decades... Read More →

Insights from AdBridge™

Video Benchmarks 2018 This comprehensive report, based on the latest aggregate performance metrics from ER’s robust proprietary video ad server within AdBridge, tracks campaigns for.. Read More →

TV Advertising’s Evolution in 2018

When the 3D TV revolution ended at the start of 2017, some pundits, who’ve long predicted the death of TV itself, were convinced this was.. Read More →

TV Advertising Isn’t Dead—It’s Evolving

This article is part of our September 2018 series about the state of advertising. Click here for more. The back-to-school season this year was also.. Read More →

5 Biggest DRTV Trends in the Direct Response TV Industry

We have all seen the long and boring infomercials that were often aired on the “graveyard slot” between 1 A.M-6 A.M. Most of these make.. Read More →

DRTV Lessons from Successful Brand Launches

By: By George Leon, Chief Strategy Officer, Hawthorne When it comes to capitalizing on direct response television (DRTV) advertising, some of the best advice comes.. Read More →

Not All Millennials Binge Watch TV On Streaming Services; In Fact, Most Prefer Traditional Platforms

Millennials are more likely to watch television on broadcast and cable platforms than on streaming services, and they’re more likely to watch shows “live”—at their.. Read More →

Three Signs of the Continuing Power of TV Advertising

Each day seems to bring advertisers new evidence suggesting the decline of traditional TV. Earlier this summer mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg announced $1 billion in funding.. Read More →

How Much is a TV Ad?

It’s a question that many people have pondered, but rarely merits a decent answer, and in the spirit of knowledge, we want to give you.. Read More →

What Is DRTV?

It’s a small question that carries a large answer, and if you’ve been researching media advertising methods lately, you might find yourself asking, “What is.. Read More →

Friday Forecast: Five Powerful Reasons Why Direct Response Television Remains Relevant Today

Friday Forecast: Five Powerful Reasons Why Direct Response Television Remains Relevant Today Celebrity fitness trainer Gillian Michaels promotes SodaStream, a healthier alternative to sugary soft.. Read More →

Here’s How Much Super Bowl Commercials Actually Cost

Here’s How Much Super Bowl Commercials Actually Cost A 30-second TV spot during the Super Bowl is one of the most highly coveted advertising spaces.. Read More →

If digital marketing is all the rage, why are all the top global digital brands advertising on TV?

If digital marketing is all the rage, why are all the top global digital brands advertising on TV? We’ve all heard the predictions. DRTV is.. Read More →

Google, Facebook, Microsoft Spent More Than Two-Thirds of 2016 Ad Dollars on TV

Google, Facebook, Microsoft Spent More Than Two-Thirds of 2016 Ad Dollars on TV By Doug McPherson NEW YORK — Google, Microsoft, and Facebook — three.. Read More →

TV Advertising for Ecommerce – Why Does It Still Makes Sense?

Six years into its existence, Stitch Fix, an online personal shopping service, is going after a mainstream audience with its first TV campaign. Popular with.. Read More →

DRTV versus Brand Advertising

The strategy of selling products and/or services direct to the consumer through their television (800# or URL response methods)….. Read More →

TVA Media Group – CRE: TV Outperforms Digital in Total Ad Recall

A study unveiled by the Council for Research Excellence shows that TV watchers pay more attention to advertisements than their digital counterparts. According to the.. Read More →

TVA Media Group – One of The Top Infomercial Production Companies in the Country

EXCERPT from > http://www.intellectualexpansionist.com/SEO-Warfare/drtv-infomercial-companies-hollywood-los-angeles-orange-county-san-diego/ TVA Media Group – One of The Top Infomercial Companies If you wish to be transferred to one of the top.. Read More →

TVA Media Group – Check out our Newsmagazines & Business Television

We think you’ll be impressed with the news and the extra coverage we can give you. We invite you to check out our newsmagazines &.. Read More →

TV Newsmagazines & Documercials

TV Newsmagazines & Documercials.. Read More →

TV Advertising Most Influential

According to Deloitte’s fifth edition “State of the Media Democracy” survey, 71% of Americans still rate watching TV on any device among their favorite media.. Read More →

Ten Tips On Hiring a Production Team

TEN TIPS ON HIRING THE RIGHT PRODUCTION TEAM (Published in RESPONSE and MarcommWise Knowledge Bank) By Jeffery Goddard, President, TVA Media Group Jeffery Goddard is.. Read More →

Talk to us at www.TVAMediaGroup.com, for a free personal consultation of your next advertising campaign.

We’re one of the top DRTV and infomercial production companies in the country and we’d like to create your ad campaign for 75% less. Deliver.. Read More →

Talk Show Bookings: How To Get on a Talk Show?

Radio Talk Show Booking So You Want To Be A Hot Guest in a show? Here’s What It Takes… A Great Message You have an.. Read More →

StreetStrider – 60 sec spot

TVA Media Group is one of the top DRTV and infomercial companies in the country has been behind some of the highest-grossing long-form and short-form.. Read More →

Spotlight on our CEO

Jeffery Goddard CEO / Founder / Executive Producer For over three decades, Jeffery has pioneered the effective utilization of emerging media technologies for marketing, advertising.. Read More →


Skyrocket sales while promoting your brand with this turnkey approach to DRTV marketing that gives your brand, product or service maximum exposure with minimum risk... Read More →

<strong>Satellite Media Tours</strong>

SMTs offer superior exposure for important issues and ensure that your message will be aligned with the most urgent news of the day. During one.. Read More →

ROI on PR efforts are measured by:

ROI on PR efforts are measured by: Gross media impressions — how many viewers, listeners or readers saw or heard the story. Message pull through.. Read More →

References and Case Studies of our Work.

ROI on PR efforts are measured by: Gross media impressions — how many viewers, listeners or readers saw or heard the story. Message pull-through —.. Read More →

Public Relations – not advertising – is the weapon of choice for top brands

Public Relations – not advertising – is the weapon of choice for top brands Interbrand, a leading London-based consultancy and marketing research firm, has named.. Read More →

Launching a New Product or Service?

Does Your Product Have What it Takes to be a Hit on DRTV? Find Out Now! Receive a Free DRTV Product Evaluation Launching a new.. Read More →

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Keep informed on Facebook too! https://www.facebook.com/pages/TVA-Media-Group/164002657451?fref=ts.. Read More →

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Join us on Twitter too! DRTV & Infomercials – TV Spots – Videos – Media Connections **Media BLITZ** Reach more of your target audience Top.. Read More →


HOW MUCH SHOULD MY PRODUCTION COST? Here is a typical situation. We are meeting with a client who has determined that a video would be.. Read More →

Have Your Product Seen By More, For Less.

TVA Media Group is one of the top DRTVand infomercial companies in the country has been behind some of the highest grossing long form and.. Read More →

Find out about TVA Media Group

Find out about TVA Media Group https://www.tvamediagroup.com/faq-about-tva/ https://www.tvamediagroup.com.. Read More →

Does Your Product Have What it Takes?

Does Your Product Have What it Takes to be a Hit on DRTV? YOU Can Find Out Now! Receive a Free DRTV Product Evaluation Launching.. Read More →

Does Your Product Have What it Takes to be a Hit on DRTV? Find Out Now!

Receive a Free DRTV Product Evaluation Launching a new product or service through DRTV can be both a risky and expensive process, but when it.. Read More →


A 28:30 infomercial that uses production/creative techniques derived from the traditional documentary form. These may include: on-camera spokesperson, live or taped interviews, multiple location shooting;.. Read More →

Celebrating 29 Years of Media Production, Distribution, Publicity and Promotion

About TVA Media Group TVA Media Group is celebrating 29 years creating successful productions and media campaigns for Fortune 500s, startups, Top 100 PR firms.. Read More →

Business World News, Health World News and Entertainment World News Now Sport New Look and Enhanced Functionality

TVA Media Group, Los Angeles-based producers of three nationally acclaimed TV news-magazines: Business World News, Health World News, and Entertainment World News, announced new .tv.. Read More →

Blended Media: Combining Paid and Earned Media to Deliver your Message to Millions.

Most infomercial producers or DRTV production companies only create infomercials or DRTV productions. Today’s audiences are more fragmented than ever, so it can be risky.. Read More →

Blended media packages to fit just about any budget and target

TVA Media Group has a variety of blended media packages to fit just about any budget and target (including consumers, B2B, investors and donors) –.. Read More →

Blended Media

Skyrocket sales while promoting your brand with this turnkey approach to DRTV production. We’ve created our MediaBlitz!® as the most cost-effective way for businesses to.. Read More →

#DitchTheCan Announces Major Spring Infomercial Media Blitz Promoting Unique Network Marketing Opportunity That Allows People to Get Paid Daily for Drinking and Promoting Energy Drinks

#DitchTheCan (DTC), the company behind new energy drink, KAOS Gold Energy, and the concept “Social Network Marketing,” announced that it will be teaming up with.. Read More →

Top Infomercial Production Companies in Los Angeles & Hollywood

TVA Media Group If you’re looking to get an infomercial production then contact TVA Media Group. We are one of the top infomercial companies in.. Read More →

Being Seen and Heard in a Competitive Market with a Limited Budget

Being Seen and Heard: Limited Budgets and/or Capitalization? with Fragmented Audiences in a Competitive Market The Keys to Strategic Growth To grow the financial base.. Read More →

Beauty comes from within.

Beauty comes from within. ‘I would never, ever change my appearance, even if I could,’ she explains. ‘It’s taken me so many years to accept.. Read More →

B2B and Pubco MediaBlitz!® powered by TVA Media Group

B2B and Pubco MediaBlitz!® powered by TVA Media Group Prezi deck for pubcos who want investor awareness campaigns with extremely cost-efficient placements on such networks.. Read More →

Attention: INVENTORS and BIG Thinkers!

Attention: INVENTORS and BIG Thinkers! We can provide Massive Media Exposure for your product to thousands of TV networks, airlines, print, radio, and Internet for.. Read More →

Agency Overview & Points of Differentiation

Agency Overview & Points of Differentiation http://prezi.com/ew2vhkngvshp/?utm_campaign=sha We have never lost a head to head test with even our closest competitors and we’ll rebate our.. Read More →

A Tribute to the Late, Great Sidney Sheldon

A Tribute to the Late, Great Sidney Sheldon Author Sidney Sheldon A few days ago, a reviewer of my book Lust, Money & Murder said.. Read More →

A beautiful Presentation of TVA’s MediaBlitz.

A beautiful viewer-controlled Presentation of TVA’s MediaBlitz: Turnkey, integrated media, multi-channel, eight-month campaign package with the highest ROI. See.. Read More →

“TVA has set in…

“TVA has set industry records for media placements. TVAs most recent campaign for their client resulted in thousands of placements including Good Morning America, The.. Read More →

“In the seven y…

“In the seven years I’ve known Jeffery Goddard, he has shown only compassion and forthrightness in doing business. He is an intelligent executive and one.. Read More →

“Formal educati…

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” — Jim Rohn We are one of the top infomercial companies in.. Read More →

BioCorRx Inc. Engages TVA Media Group to Manage National Television Branding and Awareness Campaigns

LOS ANGELES, March 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BioCorRx Inc. (“the Company”) (BICX) is pleased to announce the launching of a national ad campaign by.. Read More →

10 Tips

10 Tips on hiring the right production team for your business or product TEN TIPS ON HIRING THE RIGHT PRODUCTION TEAM (Published in RESPONSE and.. Read More →

Advertising vs. PR

PR & Marketing versus Advertising John W. Elliott Almost every marketing executive in manufacturing is using “advertising” to try to accomplish their marketing goals in.. Read More →

Celebrities Take Stock

Celebrities can be a key piece in Advertisements The concept of celebrity endorsements took off in earnest when television became the undisputed media potentate in.. Read More →

Go beyond traditional…

Go beyond traditional SEO with Video SEO Marketing Go beyond traditional search engine optimization by incorporating video into your Web strategy In their never-ending quest.. Read More →

US TV Ad Market Still Growing More than Digital Video

Video Advertising, US TV Market Still Growing over Online Videos Television ad dollars to outpace digital video 6-to-1 in 2018 Jun 12, 2014 Digital video.. Read More →

Why use videos?

Tips on when and how to use video marketing services Jeffery Goddard is CEO and Executive Producer at Tva Media Group, an award-winning TV/video production.. Read More →

10 Reasons For Using Online Video

Here are 10 good reasons why you should consider an online video campaign: Reasons: 1 Two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video.. Read More →

10 Tips for Handling a Media Blitz

When Oprah chose the We Take the Cake, a bakery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as one of her favorite things in 2004, owner Lori Karmel.. Read More →

DRTV Derailer #1: Website/Landing Pages

DRTV Derailers is a monthly series on Internet-age issues that can turn a promising DRTV campaign into a train wreck. Back in the day pre-Internet,.. Read More →

Why Are TV Advertisements Effective Advertising Medium?

With competition from Netflix and a host of new digital video providers, the television industry has undergone seismic changes over the last five years. But.. Read More →

Why Big Brand Agencies Hate Direct Marketing (and Big Data Loves it!)

By Robert Ian French If you’ve ever heard advertising types trash-talking direct marketing, especially after a margarita or six, you know the fear and loathing.. Read More →

51 Ways web videos and social media help grow your business

As bandwidth increases and video production costs continue to decrease businesses are beginning to adopt video as a primary method of communicating with their customers.. Read More →





8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your Health.


We hear all the time about how technology is bad for us. Since the introduction of computers …. Read More →





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