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Direct Response Advertising Agency

Times have changed, but one thing remains true…

“TV is still BY FAR the most effective advertising medium.” – ADWEEK, June 2015

TV advertising in 1956 Year

Our mission is to generate brand awareness, sales revenue and immediate ROI for our clients

Here are a few ways we can help


Direct to Consumer








It takes a powerful campaign to attract the attention of today’s consumer and get them to buy your product or use your service. We call it a MEDIAblitZ!®


TVA’s MEDIAblitZ!® is a full-scale, orchestrated media assault that blasts your message across multiple media distribution channels and 20,000+ media outlets over a full 9 month campaign. It consists of TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Airlines, Digital, Social Media and PR that generates brand awareness, sales revenue and immediate ROI!

More Exposure…For Less!

The MEDIAblitZ!® is 1/3 the cost of similar services or campaigns based on industry rate card pricing. It’s the most cost-effective way to get your product or service in front of millions of potential customers.


Qualifying products are eligible for a shared-risk MEDIAblitZ!® partnership with our direct response advertising agency. TVA will cover or discount a huge portion of the upfront costs of your campaign in exchange for a small commission on sales generated from the campaign.

Your product will be seen on all platforms - Media devices

Your message will be delivered to a highly targeted and socially interactive audience across broadcast, cable, satellite, inflight and online networks as well as desktops, tablets, and smartphones, enabling us to effectively reach your customer in today’s multi-screen world.

We guarantee real and engaged views. For instance, if the online viewer does not watch your video for the full running length, it doesn’t count. Pretty cool right? Watch your online popularity take off as viewers like, comment and share your video.


Marz Sprays / C-Spray campaign

Marz Sprays / C-Spray

Sales were at $150k before their MEDIAblitZ!® campaign. After their short form spot aired on ABC’s Shark Tank and helped land an investment from Lori Greiner (the Queen of QVC) their MEDIAblitZ!® campaign launched leading to sales that are now at $8+ million in just two years.

Streetstrider campaign


Their MEDIAblitZ!® campaign made StreetStrider the #2 ranked short-form fitness infomercial in the country in 2012-2013 and earned major PR exposure including product placements on Dr. Oz, Modern Family, and the Today Show.

Worldoftanks MEDIAblitZ!® campaign

World of Tanks

Wargaming’s MEDIAblitZ!® campaign far surpassed all expectations and lead to a Guinness World Record for the Most Players Online Simultaneously with over 105,000 players. Client continued to place media through TVA in several countries for years after the initial MEDIAblitZ!® in the U.S.

Nutrilite TVA Client


Since engaging with TVA in 1989, Nutrilite has become the best selling supplement in the world. Over $4.7 billion last year alone!

Client Testimonials

TVA Media Group is one of the oldest and most successful full service direct response television (DRTV) advertising agencies in the country. Many of the highest grossing infomercials in DRTV history were done by our production teams and media buyers. Our infomercial production services can be customized to any product, category, or budget. (For strongest ROI, see MEDIAblitz!®)

We will create and manage your entire marketing campaign (from script to screen) for up to 75% less than industry rates. If you’re ready to partner with the best direct response advertising agency for your campaign, let’s get started today!


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