Our MediaBlitz! Is a complete production service solution

Media Blitz®

It is an eight month script to screen campaign package with distribution and placements on over 20,000 TV, airlines, print, radio and internet media outlets. It includes scripting, production, editing, air time, monitoring, and PR.

SHARED RISK:  This package has proven so successful, that for every dollar a client/partner commits to the campaign, TVA will often match or even TRIPLE the amount in exchange for a proportionate share of the NET profits---or some other mutually agreeable payout formula.

  • 28:30 Documercial or Infomercial
  • 5 minute mini Infomercial
  • Three DRTV spots in ultraHD (:120, :60 and :30 seconds)
  • 100 DVDs custom packaged
  • Digital versions for websites, social media, and VOD
  • 2-3 column Newspaper Feature with color photo and website info
  • 30-60 second Radio Feature professionally recorded on CD and MP3
  • Complete scripting
  • Shooting on locations approved by client or on a state-of-the-art HD sound stage / news set in Hollywood, CA
  • Director and Producer Fees
  • Production Insurance, TVA's local Location and Travel expenses and Per Diem
  • Voice-over narration
  • Complete Post Production / Editing with Graphics, Digital Editing, Music, Broadcast Mastering...
  • Unlimited stock footage from in-house library (27 years of archived production footage)
  • All overhead and administrative expenses


  • Distribution of your Newspaper Feature to 10,000 Newspapers nationwide - (approx. 8,400 weeklies and 1,600 dailies) with over 225 million in cumulative circulation
  • Distribution of your Radio Feature to 5,000 radio stations throughout the U.S. for use primarily on news and talk shows.
  • Final distribution report including listings of all stations for the specific month, displayed by market rank


  • TVA will also book at least 12 interviews for you on popular TV News or Talk Shows during the course of this campaign. Our team has booked clients on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Doctors, Oprah, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, Hannity, O'Reilly, Dayside with Linda Vester, Rita Cosby, Fox Magazine, Kimmel, etc. Our publicists also book on multiple shows for CNN, Fox News, CNBC and MSNBC.
  • Your spot will also air on major airlines via Dish or DIRECTV as part of their in-flight programming or on CNN Airport.

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Clippings and result reports are included. Clippings are scanned, mailed and emailed to you. Your usage reports are also online so you can check updates 24/7. Clippings come from several clipping bureaus. Results reports include demographic information, market ranks, circulation and readership figures, a map indicating where placements have occurred and equivalent ad space cost.

  • 200-400 placements of your Feature on news and talk shows across the country. TVA will provide colorful results reports including a graphic representation of each placement, verified by signed usage cards, in market rank order with network affiliations, audience data, a map showing broadcast market locations, potential and actual listenership and equivalent ad space cost.
  • 12 Radio News or Talk Show Interviews. Past bookings by our team include the Today Show, CBS "Early Show", CNN, Fox Sports, Montel Williams, Sally Jesse, Art Bell Show, Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy, Michael Reagan, Coast to Coast with Art Bell and George Noory, Jim Bohannon, Alan Colmes, Rick Dees (Los Angeles), Joey Reynolds Show (New York City), Milt Rosenberg (Chicago), and Voice of America.
  • TOP STORY placement for six months on the home page of one or more of TVA's news portals:
Business World News  |  Health World News  |  Entertainment World News  |  Political World News
Our veteran producers, directors, writers and editors (including former CNN and top daily newspaper and wire service editors) will develop the plan to your approval, implement it, and measure the results. You will receive 3rd party usage reports showing DMA, Station, Network Affiliate, City, State, Date and Time of airings, Audience; maps showing where placements have occurred, color bar charts, pie charts, circulation and demographics data, equivalent ad space cost for the PR/ publicity placements, and physical clippings from print media---verifying the guaranteed number of placements and audience impressions.


  • 100 DVD replications with customized packaging and labeling.
  • Rights to purchase additional quantities of DVD copies at the nation's lowest rates*
  • *You are free to use any duplication vendor if TVA can not match their written quote.
Gross Impressions: (est)
24 million
1 million
18 million
20 million
6 million
Total Audience
Our performance-based packages are backed by nine of the strongest guarantees in the industry.

Next Steps:

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2. Request a free Media Needs and Analysis and Proposal

Our goal is to learn as much about you, your products, services or cause; as well as your goals and expectations to ensure our partnership thrives and the program’s success is maximized. To ensure a successful launch we will work closely with you in developing all elements of the campaign including Product Offer (CTA-Call to Action), Creatives and of course, the Media Plan.

Feel free to come meet with us, take a VIP studio tour; see samples of our work, the awards we've won and letters on the walls from happy clients; and share your specific goals. If you can't make it, not to worry - most of our clients are out of state or country so we often never even meet them until shoot day. We have crews in every major city worldwide and a very easy and streamlined process for obtaining approvals on scripts, finished productions, media plans, etc. You'll feel like we're right next door!

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