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How to calculate Total Value:

In the fields below, insert what you think it would cost to produce, distribute, place, monitor and report all of the elements in your Level II Media Package.(The results of your total vs. what we actually charge should be a pleasant surprise)

Total Audience Impressions
19 million
1 million
18 million
Total Estimate

Estimate Production Costs

Insert your estimated costs into each field for script to screen production of:
  • TV News Spotlight with two days of Shooting on locations nationwide and on a state-of-the-art HD sound stage/news set in Hollywood; Director and Producer Fees; Emmy-winning news anchors and reporters; Location & Travel expenses and perdiem; Production Insurance; Voice-over narration; Complete Post Production / Editing with Graphics, Digital Editing, Music, Broadcast Mastering; Unlimited stock footage from in-house library *

  • 60 NewsBreak™ or DRTV spot*

(*click here to see high/low industry averages)
  • TV News Spotlight up to seven minutes in length
  • Trade Show Loop Presentation
  • DVD creation and encoding for corporate / promotion use
  • 50 DVD copies with custom packaging
  • Digital versions of your productions for podcasting, webcasting and VOD
  • Administrative costs and overhead

 Estimate Distribution Costs

Insert your estimated costs into the fields below to distribute the productions to broadcast, print and radio outlets
  • Distribute your TV broadcast masters to 270 broadcast stations and cable systems
  • Creation of a media web page for broadcast stations to view the production online, request a hard copy tape and access the script and media alert
  • Distribute your Spotlight to 125 TV Station websites
  • Distribute your Spotlight on 11 Radio station websites
  • Distribute your Spotlight to additional online news portals

Estimate Broadcast Media Costs

  • Insert a very conservative estimate of what you think it costs to air a 30-second TV spot on a major network via cable or satellite in a local city anywhere in the U.S., airing sometime between 6 am and midnight:
  • Press  to multiply your estimated cost by 10,000*
*the number of guaranteed airings in your Level II package 
 *   =  
  • The figure will automatically be multiplied by 3.3 since your TV News Spotlight is at least FOUR times longer than a :30-second TV spot ----meaning four times greater exposure (and with far more credibility from earned media/3rd party media endorsements)
    New Total        

Estimate Media Costs for Airlines and Internet

  • In-flight airings onboard a major airline
  • "Featured Video" placement of Spotlight on 125 TV station websites for three months with a guaranteed reach of 12 million unique visitors
  • "Featured Video" placement of Spotlight on 11 Radio station websites in top markets for three months reaching 6 million unique visitors
  • TOP STORY placement for two months on the home page of one or more of TVA’s news portals such as Business World News

Estimate Monitoring & Reporting Costs

  • Distribution, trafficking and monitoring to provide you with 3rd party usage reports showing DMA, Station, Network Affiliate, City, State, Date and Time of airings, Audience, equivalent ad space cost---verifying the guaranteed number of placements and audience impressions.

Find out the Results of your Calculations

  • Click on "Final Total" to total your estimates for production, distribution, media placements, promotion and monitoring in your LEVEL II campaign package.
Broadcast Media: + Other Costs:
Grand Total :

Find out the Results of your Calculations

  • Click here to see our calculations of the total value of your LEVEL II campaign package based on STAR (Strategic Tracking, Analysis and Research) reports using data from reliable sources such as AICP, Nielsen SIGMA Service, Nielsen Media Research, Arbitron, Spot Quotation and Data, Inc. (SQAD), Standard Rate & Data Service (SRDS) and Bacon’s Information, Inc.