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What is BTV?

What is BTV? We remember 10% of what we read, 50% of what we see & hear. That's why Television is so powerful.


BTV is a half-hour weekly national business show that profiles successful North American companies. Now booking its fifth year, BTV - Business Television has profiled hundreds of dynamic companies and is broadcast across Canada, the U.S. and Israel. Each week, talented Host Taylor Thoen features three emerging publicly trading companies in various sectors, and delves into the issues facing each business in an innovative, entertaining and educational manner.

BTV maintains a journalistic slant and combines proven storytelling techniques used in successful information shows such as CNN's Moneyline and NBC's Nightline. The program attracts investors searching for information on publicly traded companies, business owners and entrepreneurs looking for new ideas and business know-how, and anyone interested in inspirational North American success stories.

Shot on location, BTV gives viewers the opportunity to see the company's facility and learn about the businesses and the people representing it. In addition to the feature profiles, the program contains valuable elements such as Smart Money with Gordon Pape and Tech Tip with Mike Agerbo of the Chalk Show.

BTV is the program viewers turn to for insight on business.

Insider Profiles on the Companies That Count.